Who We Are IPUA Technical Center acts as a catalyst for the Polyurethane Industry in India. We facilitate and provide access to wealth of information to the members through the web based platform and a help desk model.

Two phase development process

The first phase will involve setting up a Virtual Technical Center (VTC) which will provide services to members through a network such as a web based platform. The second phase will involve developing a physical center with research, testing and product development facilities.

The activities will be categorized in three areas – member services, application development and skill development. The VTC will be developed by early 2016 and will involve creation of a network of testing facilities and experts. The center will also provide access to key information resource such as access to library resources, list of testing standards, funding organization, research organization and technical institutes. This information will be available to members and non-members through a comprehensive database and a unique help desk model. The VTC will eventually evolve into a physical technical center.

Benefits to Members

There is a perceived gap of knowledge, expertise and understanding among the Indian PU industry value chain. The VTC is an initiative of IPUA to narrow this gap.

The IPUA Virtual Technical Center (VTC) will provide wealth of information to the members through the web based platform and a helpdesk model. It will also provide them access to a large network of testing facilities, experts, information resources that is difficult to tap into otherwise. The virtual center provides opportunities to gather inputs from the members through their use of an online platform. These inputs will be useful in developing a physical center that will closely match the needs and the specifications of the members and hence develop a lean model for the technical center.


  • Search for the relevant lab from a curated list
  • Find labs testing polyols, isocyanates, foams, footwear, mattresses, automotive seats and more
  • Several testing labs have signed MoUs with us. Avail the benefits of this relationship
  • Ask the Helpdesk to identify the best lab for your needs


  • Search for the relevant expert from a curated list
  • Talk to local/global experts for your research, application development, troubleshooting, and safety requirements
  • Find experts with in-depth knowledge of polyols, foams, footwear, coatings, automotive, appliances
  • Ask the Helpdesk to identify the best expert for your needs


  • Access the Helpdesk for any technical query in polyurethanes
  • Get monthly newsletters covering recent trends in PU globally


Our mission is to anchor the Indian Polyurethane Industry and support its members through a network of experts, testing facilities and information resources to promote innovative products and applications of polyurethane for Indian markets.

Charter of Action

  • Offer testing support for industry members and their clients
  • Serve as an information resource center for the industry
  • Facilitate professional training programs for the industry members
  • Support industry with R&D through a contract/sponsored research model
  • Provide access to experts for consulting/ advisory support
  • Identify experts for the industry via its networks with academia, research organizations, and industry
  • Serve as an application development center and help in expanding markets for the PU industry in India.
  • Showcase products and achievements of the industry


The Indian Polyurethane Association strives to enhance the awareness of polyurethanes thereby increase their usage in India. It achieves the task by liaising among manufacturers , suppliers and users of raw materials, additives, intermediate and machineries, processors and consumers of end products and various govt bodies.

Venture Center is a technology business incubator created under a scheme of the CSIR, approved by the DST (MoST) and hosted by NCL. It nurtures and nucleates knowledge-based enterprises. Venture Center is one of the best science business incubators in the country. Venture center is located at NCL Innovation Park adjacent to the NCL.

Supported by

NCL is a research, technology development and consulting organization with a focus on chemical and allied sciences and engineering. NCL's areas of strength are polymers and materials science, organic and synthetic chemistry, catalysis, process engineering and biotechnology.

Management and Advisory Team The technical Center's leadership team consist of veterans and experts who have been passionately serving the industry for decades

Mr. Mukesh Bhuta

Mr. Mukesh Bhuta Chairman of IPUA

Mr. Mukesh Bhuta is one of the early pioneers in polyurethane industry. He established a small unit for the manufacturing of Polyols for the first time in India, in the mid 80s which has now become one of the two major producers of polyols in India, having production plants in Navi Mumbai and in Dahej, Gujarat. Under his leadership as Chairman and Managing Director of Expanded Polymer Systems Pvt. Ltd., the company has developed all the technologies in-house, including polyether as well as polyester polyols. Mr. Bhuta has about 34 years of experience in polyurethane industry. He has been actively involved with the Indian Polyurethane Association, since many years, and has now taken over its Chairmanship, to continue the promotion of polyurethanes in India.

>Mr. Rohit Relan

Mr. Rohit RelanCommittee Chairperson of IPUA

Mr. Rohit Relan is a Managing Director - Relan Group of Industries, Bharat Seats Ltd and Director - Sharda Motor Industries Ltd, Sharda INOAC Pvt Ltd , Toyo Sharda Pvt. Ltd, Toyota Boshoku, Relan India Pvt. Ltd and Relan Industrial Finance Limited. Mr. Relan is spearheading the growth strategy and diversification in Bharat Seats Ltd as well as the Group. Through his professional qualification, he plays an active role in financial services sector, which is an integral part of the family business. He is a Chartered Account (CPA) and has also undertaken Owner President Program - Harvard Business School and Management Development Program - INSEAD France.

Dr. Sivaram

Dr. Swaminathan SivaramAdvisor to IPUA Technical Center

Dr. S. Sivaram is presently a CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow at the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune, India. Prior to this, he served as the eighth Director of NCL (2002-10). Dr. Sivaram is a highly decorated scientist with numerous awards to his credits. The President of India conferred the coveted civilian honor, Padma Shri, on Dr. Sivaram in 2006. He is a member of board of the directors of Asian Paints, Deepak Nitrite and several other companies.

Dr Premnath

Dr. Premnath VenugopalanAdvisor to IPUA Technical Center

Dr V. Premnath holds a BTech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. He currently leads the NCL Venture Center, the largest inventive enterprises incubator in the country. His expertise lies in Technology development, commercialization and entrepreneurship, Polymeric products; bioengineering products, Management of research, technology and innovation

Dr. Lele

Dr. Ashish LeleAdvisor to IPUA Technical Center

Dr. Ashish Lele is currently the head of Polymer Science and Engineering Division of NCL. He has several awards and accolades to his credit including the Infosys Award in Engineering and Computing, Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award and several others. His research interest includes Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells, Rheology of complex fluids, Linking Polymer Dynamics and Polymer Processing.

Dr. Lele

Dr. Snehalata AgasheCTO at IPUA Technical Center

Dr.Snehalata Agashe works as a Chief Technical Officer at IPUA Technical Center Since February 2018. She has been associated with Halliburton Technology India Pvt. Ltd. (HTIPL),Pune as a Senior Research Scientist for 6.5 years and as an Assistant Professor at MIT Academy of Engineering, Alandi, Pune, for two years. She has 10 research articles and 10 US Patents to her credit. Her research interests include structure property relationship in polymeric materials, High performance polymeric materials, Biodegradable additives for oil field application etc.