Safety and Environment

Learning about chemical regulations, safety and management before purchasing a chemical is required for safe handling, storing and using of chemicals.


Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of a chemical contains pertaining information about its properties, its compatibility, associated hazards, instructions about safe handling and disposal and so is a valuable document for industry.

Members can use online databases like Chemsource with nominal subscription fees for the detailed database on MSDS, chemical regulations, safety and management of host of chemicals. Chemsource is a joint initiative by CII and Sustainability Support Services (Europe) AB. It is a portal covering 5 million chemicals including MSDS, chemical literature, structures, regulations, and properties among others. Technical Center will keep members informed about such information.

Other databases

Chemical Weekly database

Connect with the helpdesk to learn about regulations for buying and handling chemicals. Get information about the types and amount of chemicals consumed in the country - through local production or imports

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