The Technical Center has set up a help desk which members can access through this website. The help desk will serve as a single point of contact for all the members. Members of the association can request technical information, learn about labs and experts and search for resources by connecting with help desk.

Key Functions

Network Management Information Dissemination Web Platform Management
Liasion with IPUA members and key stakeholders Prepare monthly newsletters on technology and market updates and information Up to date information about members, lab, experts and other resources
Track usage of members Provide on-demand reports Update members with upcoming events and trainings

How it Works?

  • Members submit a query on the website through a form
  • Help Desk assesses your requirements and contact you by e-mail or phone within a maximum of 4 hours to confirm they’re on the case;
  • Match your requirements to leading Polymer Scientists and Engineers or other relevant experts in our Network;
  • Identify the testing lab that will meet your requirement;
  • Identify source of information for the query you have submitted – Standards, Scientific Journal, R&D organization, Consultancy firms etc
  • Connect  you to the key person that will handle your requirements within a maximum of 48 hours;
  • Follow-up within a maximum of 7 days to ensure things are working out to your satisfaction;
  • Request Feedback after about 2-3 weeks to help improve the service that Help Desk and our Network provides

Help Desk will be available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm